Terms and Conditions

HMK Auto Parts

All prices are displayed are unit prices including delivery within UAE.

All Prices are excluding of 5 % VAT,

Terms for purchase without VAT:

  • If order value more than 7000 USD with direct export.
  • If customer want to deliver within UAE to his cargo agent. And, if the cargo agent agreed to provide export document for reclaim VAT.
  • If the above 2 conditions accepted, then we will not charge 5% VAT.

Prices are subject to changeable.

If any parts not available after process order, then it will be treated as cancel.

Any changes in the order should be mail with the order #, part # and quantity within 12 hours. After 12 hours, cannot be cancelled either partial or full.

Delivery Terms:

  • Stock order will take 2-4 working days.
  • Stock 2 will take 7-10 days for arrange all parts for delivery.
  • Indent Order will delivery within 30-50 working days.